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Posted in my life with tags , , on April 3, 2010 by tamishields

I sat at our Good Friday service between my husband and mother. As our campus pastor started talking about the forgiveness that this time of year means for us and challenged us to forgive someone in our lives that we have been withholding forgiveness from, I knew who that was for me. My mom couldn’t think of anyone. My husband couldn’t think of anyone. Yet I had an embarrassingly large group of people to choose from.

What struck me hardest is that these people haven’t intentionally wronged me. In fact, most of them have no idea that I have been so devastatingly hurt by them. So, although Jeff said we should contact the person to make things right, how exactly do you tell someone you forgive them for something they have no idea they did? I’m not sure that would help rebuild the relationship. Instead of contacting these people I am writing to myself.

I read people. I read people well. Sometimes I read a little too much. I read situations, comments and reactions the way I would mean them if I were the other person. I put words in people’s mouths, thoughts in their heads, and then get offended by what I have put there. I guess what I’m saying is I need to forgive people for how I think they feel about me and how they make me feel. I need to forgive them for not being who I think they need to be, for not being who I need them to be. I need to forgive them for not being perfect. For I have a Savior who knows me, who can read me, and despite knowing every thought in my head about Him and all that He has made, has forgiven me. Despite seeing what I have done, how I have responded, and what I’ve wanted to do, He continues to love me. If He can forgive me for what I have said and done on purpose, shouldn’t I forgive these others for what they don’t even know they did?

For we are saved by grace. His grace abounds in me. I should share it more often.



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He who was perfect was tempted.
He has been in my shoes and knows the way to walk.
He empathizes with my weaknesses and will guide me.

I can approach God’s throne of grace.
Knowing I will receive mercy and grace.

So why do I pretend like everything that happens is new?
Why do I allow my weakness to lead me into solitude?
And why, if I’ve been invited, don’t I approach the throne of grace?

I see myself as unworthy.
And that is why He gives me His grace.

When we love

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The night is still young with plans to make
So you turn to him to arrange a date.

“What do you want”, “I don’t know you?”
Then finally you agree on something to do.

Why is it with God we don’t do the same
We take him someplace and assume he’s all game.

We didn’t ask as we planned or gorged to our fill
And somehow we expect him to pay for the bill.

We ask in the car on our way home
“Wasn’t that the place you wanted to come?”

When we are in it for fellowship, destination’s not key
It’s who is beside you that’s helping you be

All that you should be but confidence failed,
All that you could be but the future is veiled.

So, tonight I will debrief my day with my Lord,
I will recount successes and failures I scored.

I will ask him to walk with me as I go on
Power in my weakness that I might be strong.

Guidance in moments when confusion sets in.
Grace for the times when my anger begins.

Unconditional love in which I can abide
But mostly I’ll invite Him to stay by my side.

I’ll listen intently and learn to hear his voice
For with knowing comes following, an easy choice.

So for me, my desire is to fall deeper in love
With the one who created and adores from above.