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A Change is in order!

Posted in my life with tags on December 26, 2009 by tamishields

So, I skipped weighing in last Saturday cause we were out of town with Adam’s family. This morning, I weighed in. As you would predict post holiday eating I gained a pound back. So now, in 3 weeks I have lost 1 pound. Gotta do better than that if I’m ever going to reach my goal weight! Back to they gym we go!!!

On a more encouraging note, I am spending more relational time with Adam which helped make this holiday a great one for us. We didn’t really get each other much for Christmas but the time together has been wonderful! I definitely married well!!!

On the spiritual front I am continuing to read Francis Chan’s Crazy Love with Adam at nights and I am also reading Jesus Calling devotional myself. Reading about how our lives are meant to be spent glorifying and praising Him has led me to question how I spend my time. I am working through questions with myself about my job, the time I spend there, and my family and the time I spend with them. I am finding I am not balanced and am searching for a way to correct that. I want to spend my days doing things that matter and bring Him glory. For me, part of bringing glory is not in the action of the doing but in the attitude with which I do it. When I am with my friends and family I am happy to do things because I am with people I love. When I am at work, I am finding myself with an increasingly poorer attitude because of the things I feel I have to do. I am considering within myself which will help me more, trying to change my job, or trying to change my attitude. Neither would be easy which is why neither has been done.

So, I will continue reading and evaluating. I will continue praying and considering and eventually I will make a decision. I am such a more pleasant person when I am happy…aren’t we all???

I’m not going to make a New Year’s resolution to decide, just to change. I am going to think to the first day of Jesus’ life and remember that he came to change everything…and I’m gonna let Him!

What do you need to change?


Update #2

Posted in my life with tags on December 16, 2009 by tamishields

So, it was quite a week last week. My mom had knee surgery and I took 3 days off work to stay with her and make sure she was ok. Then on Saturday we had our annual Relay for Life American Cancer Society Santa Shop where Adam and I play photographers. We took about 130 pictures, downloaded them, uploaded them for printing then had to organize them by grade level and school before Monday morning. It was a busy weekend. Depsite the busy-ness I did actually weigh myself Saturday morning…I gained back .4 lbs. So not quite a half pound that I lost last week. Hopefully this week, despite the holiday parties at school, I’ll at least maintain if not lose something. Not sure I will weigh in or blog because we’ll be in PA with Adam’s family until Christmas Eve.

Maybe I’ll weigh myself Friday morning instead…we’ll see!

Week 1

Posted in my life with tags on December 6, 2009 by tamishields

I just weighed in, mostly because someone called me out for not doing it yesterday (@dewde!). It has been a crazy week full of excuses and I haven’t been to the gym once! I have however cleaned LOTS of my house and thrown away some stuff and have lots of bags to go to Goodwill!

My Wii Fit says that this morning I weigh 158.3 so I have lost about 2 lbs.
I have been more careful about eating better things and we have tried to eat dinner BEFORE 6:00! I have eaten more fruits and vegetables and not just carbs which is my weakness!!! I have drank around 60 oz of water every day before allowing myself any other kind of drink…which has made teaching in a trailer difficult, but thank goodness for my teaching partner! Now on to another week!

Maybe this week we’ll make it to the gym and I’ll lose more!