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Before is better than after

Posted in my life with tags , on November 28, 2009 by tamishields

So I follow @loswhit on twitter and read his blog He is doing a 30 day Holiday Health Challenge just when I’m feeling the need to make some changes. 6 years ago I lost 35 pounds for my 30th birthday and kept it off for 5 years. Then I turned 35 and, well even though I didn’t change anything it all started creeping back on. So now, 20 pounds heavier than my “goal weight” and a mirror that says things I don’t like, it’s time to do something.

I am committing myself for the next 30 days to exercise in some way for at least 30 min. daily- that’s for my physical self
I will spend the next 30 days simplifying my life and decluttering- that’s for my mental self
I am reading Francis Chan’s Crazy Love with Adam and will memorize Los’s verses- that’s for my spiritual self
I will also schedule date nights at least once a week with just Adam (I’m bad about wanting lots of others there too)- that’s for my relational self

All this in an effort to be someone I’m proud of as we enter a new decade!

To keep myself honest, I will post at least once a week on Saturdays and probably more often to record what’s going on.
Today: My Wii Fit says I weigh… 160lbs. My goal weight = 140! I know I won’t lose 20 lbs in 30 days without being extremely unhealthy but somewhere down the road, that is my goal.

Today, I will get off this couch, go help Mom finish decorating her house, put new flowers on my Dad’s grave, have some lunch, and come home and clean. Tonight, Adam and I will go to the gym. I will listen to Hope Rising (by Fee Band, my favorite cd right now) as I do things to my body that it won’t like. But, it’s time to do something!

Wish me luck, cause losing weight BEFORE the new year is better than AFTER, cause why wait?



Posted in my life with tags , on November 26, 2009 by tamishields

Today I woke up and did a 5k with my sister. While we were walking around the Marietta Square our husbands were at Mom’s trying to figure out how to deep fry a turkey. Every other year, that was Dad’s job. Mom makes everything else, but dad fries the turkey. This year, he’s not here. Our first Thanksgiving without him, and my first with my family in 12 years. I miss him.

He would have loved getting to watch Ella  (my 8 month old neice) as she entertained us all chatting away during the feast. He would have been the one feeding her whipped cream. He would have laughed at my sister who is no longer a vegetarian and ate fried turkey today. He would have enjoyed the day. Instead, Mom gave Ella whipped cream and my brother-in-law made fun of my sister about the turkey. We all individually shed some tears throughout the day as the emotion of it all hit us, but we made it.

So now we know we can make it through a holiday.

That doesn’t make it any easier.

However, the boys have lived and learned about deep frying a turkey and Christmas will be easier…at least the turkey part.